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“The Last Time That You Go” by Yeti

Posted in music by xx on February 22, 2010

By Chris Gayomali

Although a gaping hole was left in the hearts of the NME faithful when the Libertines disbanded in 2004, a bit of solace would subsequently be found in the collateral projects of its former members. Pete Doherty proceeded on with Babyshambles before releasing a respectable solo album, while his non-supermodel better half, Carl Barât, went on to front his own gritty foursome, Dirty Pretty Things.

But perhaps the most joy provoking creature to crawl its way out of the the Libertines’ nebulous dispersion was a little known track from former bassist John Hassall’s 60s styled, garage-pop outfit, Yeti. “The Last Time That You Go” borders on catchy, crunchy pop perfection, and still sounds as refreshingly sensible as the day I first heard it.

The version here is from the band’s introductory One Eye On the Banquet E.P. (the version from their full length album is stripped of the single’s essence, and is about as infectiously transmittable as a gallstone).  This track served to define my college experience, and still has a way of making even the worst of moments a little bit more fun.


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