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Something Old, Something New: Karma Police and Alexander McQueen

Posted in fashion, music by xx on February 25, 2010

By Jeggi Elinzano

For quite a few reasons in my recent history, I’ve somehow been listening to “Karma Police” a lot this week. I mean, I’m not Radiohead’s biggest fan, nor am I that particular about the song. In fact, I always sort of looked at it as the Radiohead track Paul McCartney would like most (not good in this sense) and, that said, would always say my favorite track was 2+2=5 just to be as snobbish as I could get with Radiohead.

However, a few years ago, one of my best friends married one of the most beautiful people I’ve ever met. When she came towards the audience — in an old delivery truck  at this wedding, in an alley in Los Angeles — all of us were in awe at witnessing such a beautiful arrangement of contradictory images. In the background, an orchestral version of “Karma Police” was playing. It was one of the single most beautiful moments I’ve ever witnessed.  It was perfect.

So, despite my rather insulting opinion of the track, my recent bout of listening to it over and over has made me realize just how truly beautiful the track is — I could care less if it was a joke between Thommy and his mates, however, it’s absolutely gorgeous and gut wrenching. The first eight bars seriously make me cry. I don’t know why and why so suddenly. Indeed, circumstances have necessitated such a track,but the impact of the song; after being so apathetic about its existence for so long, is what’s getting me right now. I mean, it’s right there as one of my favorite songs of all time now. It’s like Eleanor Rigby or something. It should be at least. It transcends the moment, regardless of emotion, and works. It’s heavier than people give it credit for.

Those first eight bars… Jesus.

RIP Alexander McQueen.

Radiohead – Karma Police

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