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They Shoot Film

Posted in web by xx on March 17, 2010

By Chris Gayomali

The above posted picture was taken by my friend Garrick during a bike ride up Signal Hill a couple of years ago (yeah, that’s my old Frankenstein bike… complete with sharpied-on robot).  He started a new project called They Shoot Film that I immediately became a fan of — 35mm photography and ultra-minimalist interfacing? (you can even use your arrow keys to navigate). I’m sold.

In the past I’ve blogged about the merits of shooting film vs. shooting digital, but what I’ve so far failed to mention is that any route taken is better than none at all. Film and digital both have their pros and cons, but really, it’s less about the format and more about enjoying the process of photography than anything else.  Your eye is important, and ISO, focal length, and composition of course matter (not to mention it’s really fun to geek out over equipment every now and then).

But remember: there’s fun to be had whether you’re using a D3S or a paper covered disposable. Please just make sure it’s being had.

They Shoot Film is a personal photography project started by two west coast photographers, Patrice Esser and Garrick Fujii.


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  1. 12fv said, on March 17, 2010 at 8:28 pm

    well put my friend!

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