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No Socks, No Problem: a few warm weather footwear options for guys

Posted in fashion by xx on April 5, 2010

It seems like Spring is finally — FINALLY — hitting it’s stride, and people are at last able to tuck away their peacoats and all-weather boots til next November. However, the warm weather also expounds a new set of challenges for those who supported you the most through the hard, cold winter— your feet.

For urban dwellers, the new sunshine comes with the caveats of glass shards and residual dog droppings littering the sidewalks. Sandals are fine for the beach (or for, you know, clean cities), but I personally prefer a bit more cover-up.

Tom’s (pictured here) or flat espadrilles are a fine everyday option. The same goes for solid colored Vans classics or slip-ons— they require little thought and can be thrown on just as easily as sandals. Similarly, boat shoes are (remarkably) here to stay, and newer models are sporting narrower, sleeker lines to go along with bolder colors for the season.

The only problem with these sockless options is that they will start to smell, so it’s best to grab some odor destroying spray while you’re at it. (Think of the process as you would in applying deodorant. Dr. Scholls is well worth it and costs about $5. )

Spring has already hit it’s stride, and your feet will follow suit.  Please just make sure they’re well protected.


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